Education Talk

Higher and Life Care education for all. Leave no one behind.

Online learning is there to stay and improve lives.

2023 Term One Enrolment on!

Register now: Before this crazy promotion ends!

Two years Business Administration Diplomas at lowest cost for all to afford. USD12.00 per month or USD36.00 per term of three months

One year Diploma in Counselling & Spiritual Awakening-USD12.00 per month or USD36.00 per term of three months.

Don’t be left behind. Improve your business, life skills, self stature and make yourself marketable. Above all, make yourself a successful entrepreneur.

Hama dzangu dze Masvingo ne Zimbabwe yose chikoro chemhando yapamusoro chinokwanisa munhu wese. Ivawo nerako Diploma kana Certificate and celebrate your success.

DLLF-Revolutionizing the education fraternity

More Info at Life Light Foundation click below:

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