Divorce cruelty

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Today I am going to talk about the cruelty in marriage divorce. We are a life care and people building Institute so our voice is always about life care, development and wisdom.

Of course the wise know and take care about marriage values because they know how important it is to keep their marriages intact and flourishing. They know that a good family is guided by good marriage values. They know that their children grow up healthy and wise if they grow up in the careful hands of both their mother and father.

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I am always pained to see how bad and miserable children of divorcing couples grow up. One day I was touched deeply when this young pastor from the United States of America narrated the bad experiences he endured after his parents seperated. He said life suddenly changed when the parents separated leaving him to stay with only the mother who emotionally became too alchoholic and that led him to drop out of school. He then joined a certain church ministry which then sent him to a bible school and he is now a pastor in that church. He came to Zimbabwe on a Christian missionary task to preach the word of God.

The biggest number of divorce cases in the homes worldwide is just because ignorance of good marriage values and life care on the divorcing parties. Cruelty coupled with emotional weakness is destroying marriages.

Cruelty is a sign of darkness and it is the beginning of sorrows. These are children’s sorrows and quite often divorcing partners’ sorrows as the other life Would you choose to end your marriage on a simple matter only to fall into the world’s temptation of the so called freedom which has seen many devorcing couples leaving their own children without proper care and parental love.
When I see people being cruel to others I feel troubled in my mind. I tend to wonder why people fail to be humane and positive in their thinking. Why are people selfish and cruel? Why do some people find joy in the suffering of others? There is great need to harmonise feelings, personality and the mindset before taking a terrible decision.

Just yesterday evening I listened to a teen boy on Hevoi FM radio when the he narrated that he had nowhere called home. He said he sleeps in the grass out of town. His parents divorced and his mother got married somewhere and her new husband does not want this boy because he is not his son. The boy’s real father married another woman and he too does not want this boy. So the boy roams about in Masvingo city poorly and begging for anything mainly food. The young boy said he is prepared to do any type of work anywhere. The radio presenter confirmed that the boy appeared to have an upright mindset. The boy said he does not take drugs although most of his friends take drugs.

Cruelty is demonic and is in the dark side of life. Marriage cruelty is one of the many causes of homeless, vulnerable people and children in the streets.

Why not take a moment to think positive and avoid unnecessary marriages breaks and divorces? Why not pause for a simple dose of basic life enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Knowledge lights the right way of life and lack of knowledge darkens life into captivity.

Cruelty kills and is evil. It has no place everywhere and will not have any place even in the world to come. Replace cruelty with love which has a place everywhere so you also have a place everywhere even in the world to come. Lets help end cruelty.

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This book can work wonders in your marriage life.

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