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False Beliefs Continued

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What is Life Tutelage and Spiritual Awakening?

On every aspect of life time spent, humanity always tend to practice some kind of cautious awareness in whatever they do. They plan for a good future. They go to school to learn life skills so that they standout well knowledgeable and prepared to face the challenges of life as they embark on the seemingly infinite journey of life and existence. Now here comes a thorny issue. Whilst along the path of life and existence and well prepared as such, some have failed dismally on the way side without reaching far. They have just registered the score of failure and uselessness in the race. Sadly, the loss is not all to themselves, but also to the environment and largely to the Owner of life who loaned His special asset-life to them only for them to fail the test of life and existentialism. Very sad reality indeed. Are you not about to register uselessness in the race of life and existentialism?

May be what I am talking about is not yet clear to you so let me bring some light to it. There is not one person today who has not heard of, or witnessed a suicide case. Over 703 000 people commit suicide every year and over 15 000 000 attempts to kill themselves. In many hospitals or clinics today, the health professionals are always busy counselling patients over dangers of hypertension, heart diseases, stress related illnesses and more. Life coaches are also busy doing the same, counselling people to be more careful about their life. At the moment I want to express my great appreciation for the work of saving lives that these great men and women do. However, my heart sinks to the low when I consider that about five million people die yearly because of stress related diseases . Yet hundreds of millions of people live in self-condemning mindsets which kills the vest in their spiritual persona.

Life Tutelage and Spiritual Awakening is the right place for all these victims where they get full self-restoration of their original person.

What is Life Tutelage and Spiritual Awakening then? This is dynamic education designed to cause the soul to have a wilful force of the self towards adaptation of new positive life-giving behaviour. Use of positive life and spiritual truths and practices, exhibitions and acts.

The very core issue in Life Tutelage is to take the mind back to the reality of who you are, your purpose in the cosmos and knowing the Owner, purpose and end of all these things. There is no shorter way to these lifesaving truths except to accept to learn them, understand them and live them. Or it can just be failure and uselessness of many in this race of life and existentialism that we are in. This is never difficult or illusionary. It is real and true.

In the phase of spiritual awakening we are getting to know more about the philosophical conception of humanity as it relates to the subjects of His creation. A humble analysis of this, will help us to be lifted up spiritually and then start to know, love and obey Him as our only Father. From that stage all those suicide intentions and stressful minds in the darkness become a thing of the past.

It is not just about physical churches, but it’s mainly about going back into the natural and spiritual truths and believing in His truth and promises as well as knowing, loving and obeying Him from within. But this may not be so simple, but yes, it is. Living life in fullness is possible is the purpose of His creation.

Let’s meet again in the next episode of False Beliefs in Life Tutelage and Spiritual Awakening series

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