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My name is Davison Nzembe of Life Light Foundation Institute. Today I am continuing with the spiritual awakening series, but I will base much of my discussion on the mindset. How do you feed your mind? I intent to help someone today.

Sometimes you can feel un easy, everything seemingly just upside down. At that moment you do not seem to find the solution to bring joy and smart feelings to yourself. You just feel as if you don’t belong to this world or as if something too bad was taking place. Maybe you have tried all types of counseling and life coaching but it seems to be not working to your satisfaction and there seems to be no solution to the problem. No, there is no problem without a solution.

The solution is always available somewhere. Go through this smart mindset guide and you will get a satisfactory solution and even if you were not in an emotional dilemma this guide is just good for you.

Thank you for choosing this Smart Mindset guide. At Life Light Foundation we are the life people so we are much concerned about people and life. My assumption is that you chose to read this guide because you have an area of need in yourself or you might be just interested to read about life caring blogs.

The healing process starts right here as you sit , watch or listen to this video . The healing process of the soul starts in the mind. Right here start by building the following smart building blocks. Understand that each step of the discussion here is a building block and so your attitude or an individual’s attitude towards the healing process is the secret for the healing

Right away get to know that the mind and the emotions of a person are not the person so they cannot control her or him. By this I mean those are not the real person by rather some kind of natural forceful egos which are subjective to smart self-control. It is rather the person her that has power to choose her destiny. I would like to elaborate on this note.

The real person is spiritual. More about real life and spirituality from my life book here: 

Do the following to awaken the dormant spiritual person:

Do not rely much on your natural feelings for life decisions.

Do not rely on emotionally fogged mindset on your actions.

Weaken a grudging or condemning mindset (either self-condemning or others).

Weaken an unforgiving mindset.

Have a vision beyond the current situation and into the far future life achievements.

Weaken an independent mindset and replace it with a dependent child to parent mindset for God.

Learn to talk and depend on God by following His ways. You can contact me if you want to learn more about His ways. The greatest thing for life is first to know His person and you can know God’s person by knowing Jesus. Reading the Bible and attending church can help so much.

We pray because we want the intervention of higher power to help in our situation. And such a higher power is available but the challenge is that many people do not know how to commune in that grace.

Bring life to the mind by engaging on the inner person, the spiritual person.

There is a real person inside of every one of us. Some call that person the inner person and others call that entity the soul. I agree with them all but I go further to call that person the spiritual person and that sounds quite perfect to me. The real reason why I separate these three components that form what we call a person is the very same reason why I want to talk a bit more about the spiritual person. The reason is that we want to understand what is called spiritual healing. So in order to understand the process we need to separate and define each one. I am going to explain more into these seemingly three in one persons and what they mean in life.

First, when we talk about spiritual healing we are talking about healing of the inner person, soul, or spiritual person.

The mind- The mind is the literal first person or signal interception protocol. Our five senses create their awareness in the brain where memory is stored. In the brain is where all historical records or schemas are kept. The rationale interface and processes taking place in the brain every moment of life is literally the mind. So the mind is like the servant or mouth piece of the works of what is coming out of the brain yet at the invisible far end of the tunnel the brain is stringed to the spiritual person who happens to be intuitively the true and eternal person.

The spirit person- Before I talk about the soul person let me start by talking about the spiritual person so that it will be easy to understand what the soul person is made of. The spirit person is that original spirit of God in a pure state in person form. Let us never forget that we have God who exists in the spiritual and is Creator and Owner of all these things. Otherwise our healing will be difficult to come by. The reason why some teaching and counseling fail to help people in the long term is because the teachers there just work plainly on the naturals only and they leave out important spiritual realities. The think it is mythical to talk about spirituality.

At Life Light Foundation we have eyes in the spiritual because we believe in a true living God who is Spiritual. So, we know how to engage with the spiritual realities in order to solve problems that are seen as natural yet those problems root somewhere from the spiritual and the solution comes from the intervention of spiritual.

This spiritual person requires staying clean and smart as a baby is. She or he likes to resemble the holiness of the Father. Some people would go on to think of this one as the sixth sense or some faint voice type of sense. No, it’s not the sixth sense; it is rather the real spiritual person who always tries to influence all of us to run away from doing evil. The spiritual person speaks softly and is normally not listened to because of the natural noises or desires that overwhelm our minds and feelings.

The inner person or soul- This is another dimension of a person. As I write this script I am mainly a natural person in the flesh that is why I can type on the computer keyboard like this. The brain and the mind together with organs of the body make all this possible by reasoning, thinking and acting. The brain uses my life experience to work out and produce that which my mind assumes to be reasonable.  As I do this the spiritual person is busy trying by all means to tell me everything or give me awareness about things that are life giving, truthful and God loving so that I do not sway away from God’s purpose. However, if I get very much inclined into fulfilling my natural desires and those things which are usually not in line with the way of God, I may not hear the soft voice of the spiritual person and may end up lost in selfishness and pride and get lost from the wisdom of life. But if I listen to him I am likely to produce a script that can be life giving to myself and many others.

My final personality therefore in this exercise will therefore resemble a mixture of spiritual truths and the natural truths, experiences and desires. This final mixed potion of myself is the person called the soul. So the soul is the final combination of the natural person and the spiritual person. All that you see people do in this world is the works of the soul.

There are two extremes that the soul will move between in order to remain living or to invite death it itself. If the individual listens more to that spiritual person who is always reminding us about doing well and loving God, that individual will live in high spirit and goodness and fullness of life. The opposite is true. If the individual always seeks to satisfy own natural desires and thinks more of own self and living in hatred without feeding into the spiritual truths, that individual is likely to suffer from egoism and the result is lack of real life and emotional dissatisfaction and these are just the beginning of sorrows.

Having said that I am now going back to talk a bit more about how to understand the spiritual person.

The spiritual person is the original person. The original spirit of God. That is the spirit of life that was breathed in us by the Author of life on the day of creation. So that spirit knows God and wants to obey Him. Unfortunately, the spiritual person is not given enough chance to dominate due to natural experiences and the result is that many people end up incapacitated spiritually and end up having no power or wisdom to fight natural challenges.

The result can be life hating such as in the case of people who commit suicide. This is because the natural person alone without the spiritual person has not life in him or her. Life real is found in the spiritual person. A clever mind therefore would not be selfish in thought to only choose to do what satisfies own natural desires but seeks more to satisfy the spiritual needs like worshiping God, loving, forgiving and helping others.

If you are among those ones in my opening paragraph I urge you to start doing the following: This is called spiritual awakening.

Get out of egoism– In this case I am saying start to think and care about other people’s welfare. Start to serve, share and interact with people. Start to love other people.

Forgive – If you happen to have some ill will because someone did wrong to you some time ago visit that person and tell him or her you have forgiven them. You can even extend a gift to them.

Model a positive mindset– Get your mind out of negative thinking. Negative thinking is energy draining. Stop continuing to think about the painful divorce that took place months or years ago. Stop bringing to life events surrounding the death of your only loving wife who passed on months or years ago.

Understand Life- Life belongs to the Creator and you and me are just vessels to make it flourish so do not punish it by living in cruel feelings or kill it. Doing the opposite invites judgment from the owner of it, God.

You can do better– Everything comes and passes and no one will ever come to open our eyes if we are not eager to do so ourselves.

Spiritual investment– Investing in the power of spiritual awakening.

Understand God’s purpose in you- You did not put yourself here on earth. You came from somewhere. God knows you and has a purpose in you. Know and love Him. Tell Him your issues. He is there to help you as your only Father. So worship Him.

What to practice– Rise up, brave yourself and go and forgive those you have grudges against. Make friends with all races of people and feel the elevation of your spirit immediately.

Then find your healing.

If you have done this successfully contact me so that I give you a gratitude promotion certificate.

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Davison Nzembe Life and Business Skills Development Tutor from Life Light Foundation Institute.

Thank you and goodbye.

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