Free Tuition Diplomas & Degrees

DIPLOMAS-No tuition fees. Our goal is to make better education and life care learning accessible to all. We offer cutting edge Diplomas and Certificate courses. Our hope is investing in education and thus building hope and building people. Only USD $15.00 per course exam fees.

List of Diplomas on offer

(1) 2yrs Diploma in Business Administration & Work Ethics

(2) 2yrs Diploma in Business Administration & Stores Management

(3) 1yr Counselling & Spiritual Awakening Diploma

DEGREES-Our host University, UoPeople USA offers Masters and Bachelors degrees in Administration, Computer Science,Information Technology and more.

Visit them here-

Do you want to save lives by investing in education, here is the chance to show your love to the needy. When we educate people we give them hope and save lives through awareness and development.

You can donate any amount to our Dalswin Investments account through the link below:


Computer Science, Business Administration, Education and more- Visit University of the People at;

Short Courses

6 Months Certificate In Business Administration: HERE

6 Months Certificate In Counselling & Spiritual Awakening: HERE

Certificate In Emotional Intelligence: HERE

Certificate In Spiritual Awakening: HERE

Because we care about personal growth and life development for all, we have two programs in life care and spiritual awakening that are designed to enhance fullness of life and satisfaction. Check the links below.

1 Spiritual Awakening Books and Life Care Books. Find them here.

2 Ceremonial Pinterest. Gratitude Certificates and Tutorials. Find them here.

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About Us

As Life Light Foundation we are saying better life begins with better education. However most providers of higher learning are tempted to charge exorbitant prices for their services and thereby discriminating the less financially privileged members of society.

Life Light Foundation is here to close that gap with our education for all programs that should see participants not paying for tuition but only pay a small amount for Examination administration charges. The reason we do that is we are people centred and are life caring.

Start from where you left or where you are. Subscribe or contact us with your story and let us hear it and help each other to find a better solution to your life problem.

By subscribing you have the opportunity to access free life care tutorials and books. SUBSCRIBE/CONTACT US

  1. Trust Makina avatar

    I would like to enroll for the business administration course. I stay in Harare


    1. Hi, Trust Makina

      Thank you for your enquiry.
      Please may you send us the following details: Your full name,
      ID number, date of birth , details of employment/ employed or not. Send us your email if you have one and your WhatsApp number. My whatsap number is 0775991061.
      May you also indicate if you want to enrol for the diploma or the certificate course.

      Meanwhile we thank you for contacting us.

      Kind regards
      Davison Nzembe
      Programs Administrator


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