Free tuition Diplomas & Degrees


DIPLOMAS & DEGREES: No tuition fees. Our goal is to make better education and life care learning accessible to all. We offer cutting edge Diplomas and Certificate courses. Our hope is investing in education and thus building hope and building people. Only USD $15.00 per course exam fees.

List of Diplomas on offer

(1) 2yrs Diploma in Business Administration & Work Ethics

(2) 2yrs Diploma in Business Administration & Stores Management

(3) 1yr Counselling & Spiritual Awakening Diploma

DEGREES-Our host University, UoPeople USA offers Masters and Bachelors degrees in Administration, Computer Science,Information Technology and more.

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Do you want to save lives by investing in education, here is the chance to show your love to the needy. When we educate people we give them hope and save lives through awareness and development.

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