False Beliefs

Spiritual Awakening Series 1

The problem of life realities only start to unfold as one leaves childhood and grows into adulthood and starts to pick own building blocks to make own life meaningful and successful. In days gone by there was no need to do that because parents cared for everything, from what to eat, which school to go to, what time to wake up and also what to worship or which church to join and so on.

Though one might be detached from the parents physically, more often it’s not too soon for some to realise the urgent need for a perfect self transformation spiritually, intellectually and physically. The social structures or systems that people grow up in have a great bearing and influence on the individual’s life choices and direction.

Spiritually: This has to do with belief systems. When one grew up in a family that worshiped ancestral spirits or who went to a particular church for worshiping, though being away from parents that individual remains attached to those beliefs for a long time if not whole of life. If that belief system was false and unprogressively it may sadly bear its fruits in that person as he lives own life.

Intellectually: This has to do with experiential intelligence. For example parents sent their children to university and not colleges. If parents amassed wealth through illegal means etc . Whether good or bad such deep rooted reasoning is likely to stay long in the individual.

Physically-These are habits that were learned and lived during parental guidance whether consciously or unconsciously such as polygamy, anger , prostitution, bullying and drunkenness among others. There are parents who make up their lives of this nature and most of their children as they grow into adulthood are likely to carry forward these habits in their every day lives and perform just as their parents were doing.

What is spiritual awakening?

Why spiritual awakening?

This is our next SPIRITUAL AWAKENING series. Stay tuned

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  1. We need this continued to the core issue of false beliefs


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